Why Interim

A Solution for Every Situation

Let’s say your business is planning a major product launch or a strategic marketing initiative and a gap in your resources appears, or you lose the services of a key staff member. What’s your next move?

You could move someone into the gap to cover the shortfall. But that potentially creates two problems, where you previously only had one:

1. by stretching resources, you’re putting pressure on the department you’ve moved someone from

2. you now have an inexperienced person in a key role.

In reality then, the issue may be less of a staffing problem than a skills deficit. Interim resourcing through Light Bulb Innovation can provide the solution.

We have an extensive global database of proven professionals at every level and covering almost every major industry. So we’re confident we can deliver the right skill-set into your business – fast.

A Reputation for Excellence

Our own experience of delivering Innovation and brand development projects for major clients means we fully understand what it takes to excel in these areas.

We have an excellent reputation for the quality of our work. We’re proud of that, which is why we’re also highly selective about the professionals that we place on-site for clients.

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